Optimise your back therapy practice

Improve your back therapy practice with benefits to both you and your patients.

Limitations of Conventional Back Therapy

  • Lack of real-time feedback
  • Lack of objective information
  • Less motivation to exercise
  • Manual record keeping
  • Full patient supervision

But what if there was a solution to these limitations?

A cutting edge medical device utilising the latest technology.

Lower backtraining

Welcome to ValedoMotion

An interactive game-based device, designed to optimise lower back therapy for the therapist and the patient.

ValedoMotion Back Therapy Advantages

ValedoMotion improves back therapy outcomes because training is more motivating, efficient and intense.

  • Objective Assessments

    Precise and repeatable assessments enable a standardised, objective analysis of movement performance parameters such as range of motion, reposition ability, smoothness of movement, isolation capacity and lumbar stability. Documenting your patients’ therapy progress facilitates optimal therapy planning.

  • Motivating and Fun

    An extensive library of clinically validated movement exercises has been designed by therapists, movement scientists and medical doctors to train therapeutically important movements.

  • Real Time Feedback

    The high precision motion sensors capture even the smallest movements to allow for a real-time feedback visualisation on screen.

We recommend this product to physiotherapists, chiropractors and sports medicine professionals who are working with individuals undergoing lower back pain therapy.
ImprovesBack Therapy

Scientific Evidence

  • Objective Assessments

    ”When compared to the optoelectronic system, the IMU-system is valid for estimates of trunk movement in the primary movement direction.”

    Bauer et al. 2015
  • Motivating and Fun

    ”Patients found the exercises credible and remained motivated for the full duration of the treatment.”

    Matheve et al. 2016
  • Real Time Feedback

    ”Sensor-based postural feedback seems more effective to learn a motor control task compared to mirror-feedback or no feedback.”

    Matheve et al. 2016

Further Clinical Evidence and Reports

ValedoMotion has been thoroughly tested and researched. Numerous studies have proven them to be effective.