The Burden Of Back Pain

Lower Back Pain (LBP) in the Australian Adult Population

LBP (non-specific LBP represents 80% of this group) is ranked number one for disease burden and is the second most common reason for seeking medical help in Australia. These numbers are growing due to the ageing population and an increasing sedentary lifestyle. This is compounded by the increases in workers compensation cases for LBP. For these reasons LBP is currently a National Healthcare Priority Area(one of nine priority areas). This means that by providing a focus for policy, legislation and public awareness there is systematic development and implementation of programs aimed at minimising LBP related disability and promotion of current best practice.

The Australian Institute For Health and Welfare (AIHW) report a prevalence of LBP in adults of 14% (the current population is 24 million) for the year 2011-2012. The lifetime prevalence of LBP is 80% of the adult populationAdult new incidence of lower back pain is 8% per year. Although LBP can occur at any age it is most common in 35-55 year olds with this age group representing 28% of the national population.

The InPractice 2025 national survey of Physiotherapists identified that increased use of technology for administrative, clinical and marketing functions is ‘very important’ to success of the practice in the future. The subcategories of this survey included: electronic clinical record keeping systems, personally controlled electronic health record and telemedicine and remote consultation technologies.

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