The Keen Bracelet: Time Magazine’s Inventions 2018

Each year the Time Magazine creates a list of the Best Inventions of the year. Among 50 other inventions curated from around the world, the Keen Bracelet can be found on the Time Magazine’s list of best inventions in 2018.

When Aneela Idnani and her husband started to look into ways to help Aneela control her Trichotillomania, the thought of their invention ending up on Time Magazine’s Best Inventions 2018, is something that neither of them could imagine. Aneela had lived with her Trichotillomania for 20 years and she simply wanted to find something to get rid of her bad habit. Trichotillomania is only one of the disorders that fall within the scope of Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours (BFRB), behaviours that are characterised by “self-grooming” routines that include pulling, picking, biting, or scraping one’s hair, skin, or nails. After not finding the help that she needed, Aneela and her husband founded HabitAware and began to develop The Keen Bracelet, which is now featured on the Time Magazine’s list of Inventions of 2018.

The bracelet that kicks bad habits

The Keen Bracelet, is a sleek, smart bracelet that users program to pick up on repetitive motions, such as hair pulling, skin picking or nail biting. When the user is then starting to engage in the specific unwanted behaviour, whether it is pulling out hair from the scalp, biting the fingernails or picking on the skin, the bracelet starts to vibrate, catching them in the act.

The behaviours within the scope of BFRB are often done subconsciously with the sufferer completely unaware of what they are doing. The Keen Bracelet acts to make the user aware of the behaviour they are about to engage in. That kind of awareness building, experts say, is key to kicking compulsions for good.

Helps to spread awareness

Many people that are suffering from Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours are more often than not, suffering in secret. Keeping the condition hidden from family and friends for years, the condition can be both physically and mentally detrimental to the person suffering from it BFRB. It is not uncommon that people with Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours also suffers from depression and anxiety.

The research on BFRB is quite limited. The causes and best treatment for each individual condition is not fully understood, however, awareness building has proven to be a key component in successful therapies. Being featured on Time Magazine’s Inventions of 2018 is one step towards shining a light on the condition, educating people and a great way of letting people that suffer from BFRB, know that they can get help in kicking their bad habits.

Times Magazine’s list of best invention in 2018 covers a range of categories such as Beauty and Fashion, Gear and Gadgets to Toys, Games, and Entertainment. The nominations come from editors and correspondents around the world as well as from an online application. Contestants are evaluated based on factors such as originality, creativity, influence, ambition, and effectiveness.