Why Use Keen Bracelet?

Body focused repetitive behaviours (BFRBs) is a group of repetitive self-grooming behaviours in which an individual damages their appearance or causes physical injurythrough pulling, picking, biting or scraping of the hair, skin or nails. Over time these conditions can affect the daily lives of people psychologically, socially and at school/work.

BFRBs have been brought into greater Australian public awareness in recent years through mainstream media articles as well as increased support group presence and social media coverage.

The key role of the Keen bracelet in the treatment of BFRBs is based on creating awareness of unconscious behaviours in people with them who are motivated to overcome this condition. This awareness is a key step in many of the advised therapies for the treatment of BFRBs.

Keen Awareness Bracelet created by HabitAware was designed with those suffering from BFRBs in mind.

It is an awareness trainer and subconscious behaviour tracker that recognises when you are hair pulling, skin picking, nail biting, or thumb sucking and it empowers you to stop!