ValedoMotion – The Key Points

Why develop ValedoMotion?

Lower back pain (LBP) is the number one disease burden in Australia. Conventional LBP therapy has limitations: no real-time patient feedback, No accurate standardised objective assessment of patient position and movement and not very motivating or fun. Conventional LBP therapy could be made more efficient.

What is ValedoMotion?

Revolutionary advanced movement technology: Cutting edge sophisticated software and 3D sensors. ValedoMotion is a medical device registered in Australia for use by health professionals (physiotherapists, doctors, chiropractors and health scientists)

How does ValedoMotion work?

Augmented Reality (smart video game) experience giving real-time patient feedback, accurate standardised objective measurements of patient position and movement which is also very fun and motivating. The therapy can be tailored to the individual using specific games to target specific movements and/or muscles. Electronic records enable patient progress to be monitored effortlessly and shared if appropriate. Therapy efficiency is improved enabling therapy under limited supervision and increasing number of patients treated in a certain timeframe.

Where should ValedoMotion be used?

In the clinic under the supervision of a health professional.

When can we start using ValedoMotion ?

As the technology is designed to be very user friendly and intuitive you can commence using the device on your patients soon after receiving it. Instructions are included with the device. If there are any questions pre or post purchase please contact us at [email protected]