Products in your practice

RYIFY products are suitable for the patients of a wide range of healthcare professionals. Talk to us today about the benefits of reselling or purchasing products for your practice.

Behaviour modification for younger people

Keen is the world’s first smart awareness trainer and subconscious behaviour tracker. These wearable bracelets raise awareness of common repetitive habits and assist in behaviour modification for younger people.

We believe they’re an ideal tool for psychologists, speech pathologists and other professionals treating younger patients who are struggling with a repetitive behaviour.


Back pain therapy with a difference

ValedoMotion is an interactive game-based product designed to engage, motivate and ultimately improve the lives of people suffering from lower back pain.

We recommend this product to physiotherapists, chiropractors and sports medicine professionals who are working with patients undergoing lower back pain therapy.

ValedoMotion improves back therapy outcomes because patients are much more involved, and training can therefore be more intense

It provides the practician with:

  • Accurate standardised objective measurements of patient position and movement
  • Real-time patient feedback
  • Ability to tailor therapy to individuals, using specific games to target specific movements and/or muscles
  • Electronic records to easily monitor patient progress and share, if appropriate

Added to this, once your patient is familiar with the process, you can leave the device to run the session with mimimal supervision or even without you. This can be a critical time-saver in a private practice. It’ll lead to increased profit because you can treat more patients without increasing staff numbers.

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